I love to work glass and I love the way it works me.

Although my process is sparked by an idea, it is the anticipation of a discovery that really drives me. I want glass to show me the way. The more it does, the more I find that the final piece underlines the mysterious beauty of life.

MaryseC Eurythmy - 5 sur 25.jpg
MaryseC Eurythmy - 1 sur 25.jpg


This series is an ode to the incredible capacity of glass to express movement. Each piece is executed with the aim of emphasizing, through color and finish, the movement created by the piece during blowing.


There are times when anything becomes possible. An opening is created, a take-off ensues.

Sweet feeling of freedom.


The deeper I dive into the art of glass, the more I’m fascinated with the material’s ability to express mouvement and weightlessness.


With the Jetsam series, it feels like each piece has its own story. First, with the blowpipe, you breathe a flawless sphere, then heat and gravity works in a narrative.

MaryseC Galets Stones - 1 sur 10.jpg


Blown glass can be shaped into many forms, but what it really wants is to be round. So be it.


You can fall in love with a specific shape.
The spear shape is refined yet powerful. It’s elongated surface also gives me room to create a cascade motif. I love it.



My backyard is a forest. I love to go mushroom picking... to mold them. The glass mushroom is then fixed onto an abstract enamel glass that I created.


It all started with vases,  bowls and paperweights. I was fascinated with the different texture that could be created just by combining and heating different particles (frits) of transparent and coloured glass. Layer upon layer.



I did casting and lost wax at the very beginning of my artist career. I always wanted to do more but my blown glass production just took all of my studio time. Someday though, I will go back to it.


Like a turbulent and joyous child seeking your attention, installation work screams : Look at me!

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