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Maryse Chartrand

It took me a while to find glass. A long detour through a 25-year career as a Creative Director in advertising and a Documentary Filmmaker. It’s in 2004, during an introductory course in glass blowing, that I began to embrace the idea of becoming a glass artist. I loved getting out of my head to find my hands, and exchanging ideas and words for material and breath.

MaryseC Projets speciaux - 1 sur 1.jpg
In 2010, I decided to take a leap of faith. I returned to the classroom, or rather the atelier, for a full time three-year glass arts program. In the spring 2013, I graduated from Centre des métiers du verre du Québec.

Since graduation, I’m a full time glass artist. The deeper I dive into the art of glass, the more I’m fascinated with the material’s beauty. Glass is solid but fragile, dense but fluid. It hovers between the concrete world, and the world of light. Much like a living organism, glass contains contradictions, yet maintains harmony and balance.

I love to work glass and I love the way it works me. Glass is my creative partner. Although my process is sparked by an idea, it is the anticipation of a discovery that really drives me. I want glass to show me the way. And the more it does, the more I find that the final piece underlines the mysterious beauty of life.

Some of my work is in private collection internationally as well in the Quebec National Museum of Fine Arts.
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